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    ... A shining example of Paul's work ethic is how he takes the initiative to find solutions. If there is a new idea for a site-enhancing function, he does whatever is necessary to make it happen. Paul will then go the extra few miles to make sure the quality of the job is perfect the first time — on or before deadline — no exceptions ...

    Corey Austin
    Art Director / Manager

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    With transactional landing pages you must persuade the visitor to complete a transaction such as filling out a form or interacting with advertisements or other objects on the landing page, with the goal being the immediate or eventual sale of a product or service. If information is to be captured, the page will usually withhold information until some minimal amount of visitor information is provided, typically an email address and perhaps a name and telephone number as well — enough to “capture the lead”.


    New Image Landing Page

    New Image Landing Page

    Skincare and ant-aging products offered on New Image website within the cosmetic plastic surgery category.

    Landing Pages
    New Image


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